The Cwmbrân Tunnel - one of only two tunnels on the Monmouth & Brecon Canal. Tranquil and peaceful, very much the local beauty spot - a favourite vantage point to rest and contemplate.....

Fund raising with a sponsored cruise Looking back along the towpath from the top of the tunnel As Ratty said to Mole in the "Wind in the Willows" ..... "Believe me my young friend, there is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats". Fund raising (with the accent on fun) on a sunny day - guess how long it takes a boat to cruise between the "Open Hearth" pub in Sebastopol and the "Cross Keys" pub at Five Locks (approx. 1 mile). That day, the answer was 23 minutes!

Approaching Cwmbran Tunnel Cwmbran Tunnel approached by boat Fight The Plan Group have secured a Grade II Listing for the Cwmbrân Tunnel to protect it from the major road planned to go over the top of the tunnel. The engineers who built the tunnel in the late 1700s were well informed about the instability of the surrounding land. A cutting would have allowed land slippage so the tunnel was built first to provide stability, then backfilled with soil on top. It has lasted 200 years so far and together with the fabulous views, is the main attraction on this stretch of the canal.

Continue the walk over the top of the tunnel, or return to towards Cwmbrân Tunnel