Come for a "web walk"... along the Monmouth & Brecon Canal towpath from Sebastopol (Pontypool) to Pontnewydd (Cwmbran).

All of the green fields between Sebastopol and Pontnewydd will disappear if South Sebastopol is built. At the Public Inquiry in 1998 we were told by both Torfaen CBC and the various developers that this countryside was "of no value" - we beg to differ and invite you to take a "Web Walk" with us along the towpath of the Monmouth & Brecon canal then decide for yourself which of us is right!

Starting the Sebastopol end, we pick up the canal towpath at "Crown Bridge" and walk south towards Pontnewydd through the middle of the proposed development. Click on any photo to enlarge it.

Crown Bridge in Sebastopol The grand opening of Crown Bridge in Sebastopol Crown Bridge was rebuilt in 1994 to enable navigation of the canal right down to Five Locks in Pontnewydd. The canal between Crown Bridge and Five Locks was dregded and a grand opening by the Mayor in 1996 was a wonderful day for boaters and residents alike. Boaters had not been able to navigate beyond Pontymoile for over 30 years - residents walking or cycling the towpath no longer had to travel alongside a stinking ditch - fishermen could actually catch perch, tench and bream again - children could watch the wildlife inhabiting the canal, the wetland habitat and ancient woodlands.

From Bevans Lane Bridge looking west to the mountain Winter above Bevans Lane Bridge This view to the west is taken from Bevans Lane Bridge which spans the Monmouth & Brecon canal. At the moment, the lane over the bridge is an access road to farms and cottages - we have been assured by a member of the Development Consortium that this lane will become a cycle path ensuring that the hedgerows and trees will not be destroyed. A new road bridge will be built to accommodate traffic travelling into the estate from Avondale roundabout.

Continue the walk towards Cwmbran Tunnel