Aerial view of the South Sebastopol site. © Aerial Views, Newport, Gwent The photograph to the right shows an aerial view of most of the South Sebastopol site where there are plans to build a minimum of 1,200 houses. The photograph looks northwards with the Monmouth and Brecon Canal running vertically through the centre. The proposed development includes more land to the East of the area shown in the photograph, where the eastern boundary is Cwmbran Drive. The houses at the bottom left of the picture are in Five Locks Close, Pontnewydd and the houses at the top right are in Sebastopol, Pontypool. All of the land between the two communities will be built over - a minimum of 1,200 houses (2 and 3 storey) are planned with a very real possibility this will be increased considerably.

Planning Guidance rules say that it is very important that communities should remain separated from each other to maintain their own identities and also to provide amenity areas for leisure.
For some reason this does not seem to apply to either Pontypool or Cwmbran. They will be joined together seamlessly by South Sebastopol to become "Torfaen City"

Come for a "Web Walk" with us - from Crown Bridge, Sebastopol to Five Locks, Pontnewydd and see the site for yourself!

Read about the historical importance of the South Sebastopol site. An initial assessment of the historic environment and cultural landscape of the South Sebastopol site by Prof. David Austin of University of Wales, Lampeter.

If you would like see where this site is on a map, use this link and look for Sebastopol and Pontnewydd. The unbuilt area between them with a green golf flag is the proposed South Sebastopol site. Use this link to see a more detailed map.

Compare aerial views of land between Sebastopol and Pontnewydd - black and white taken in March 1948 and colour taken in early 1990's