Understanding environmental impact is crucial to sustainability and community quality of life.

My Little Bit of Heaven

by Carole Jacob

If you are mindful to stroll this way
You'll find a heaven no words can say
How beautifully peaceful, you will become
When merged with the landscape of this spiritual home.

Soft hues of nodding meadow flowers
Young limbs stretched out in summer hours
Song of blackbird and distant cuckoo
Spoke of the love between me and You.

Cathedral rise of green-spreading shade
Gentle breeze through the autumn glade
Deep long tunnel where night creatures move
Greet trickling streams from the mountain above.

Bats wing the air, darting to and fro
As sunset crimson paints the earth below,
Neon insects wink their night time presence
And screeching owls pierce the scented air's essence.

A hooting owl in hollowed out tree
Observes the otter swimming sleek and free
To grab the fish, his wriggling catch,
With deadly art like an aquatic cat.

Dawn breaks and heron in silent vigil
Watches motionless the silver ripple.
Blue streak of flashing, dazzling light
Signals the kingfisher in his arrow-like flight.

Woodpecker drums his thundering beak
To rouse the insects from their woodland sleep
While high above a joyful choir
Of songbirds shake the stem and bower.

Drake and duck come paddling by
Trailing fledglings too young to fly
Moorhen scuttles with chicks in tow
Bobbing along with the slipstream's flow.

Milkmaids nod their joy to display
And skaters zig-zag their watery way.
Dragon and damsel irridescently zoom
And the buzz of bees serenades each bloom.

Ancient woodland, deep and secret
Hedgerow, ha-ha, ridges pleated
Record the way ancestors used
This land, sustaining, un-abused.

Long silent now – those people gone
Hobby farmers have sold the land on.
What now for this benighted place?
What now thin place of heaven's grace?

Sweeping vista to the open sky,
Brings my heart to cry why, why, why?
Why destroy what God has fashioned?
This land we love with such deep passion.

Darkness falls, sweet, gentle night,
Velvet black with diamond light.
I watch the clouds glide past the moon
And sigh with sadness, soon, too soon -

Diggers and scrapers, saw and tarmac
Will rip this land – no looking back.
Then rage at God and heavy hearted
Recall the time when sense departed.

Juggernauts of so-called progress
Grind inexorably, dreadful, hopeless.
Destroying what was Nature's home
To build another commuter town.

Homeless once, still homeless now.
The market price will not allow
The poor their dream of house secure
While losing, too, their green space pure.

So work and pray, debate, convince
the powers that be, that since
The plan will not provide
Homes for the homeless, they must decide
To leave the woods and fields of green,
And let the poor have their place to dream.